92pp perfect bound book
Edition of 750

N/A (This item is being distributed exclusively within South Tyneside)

COOKING with SOUTH SHIELDS is a new cookbook which is developed especially for South Shields. The project explores the food that local people cook at home and the backgrounds of these recipes.

CIRCA Projects asked South Shields-based photographer Peter Fryer to interview and document local people’s recipes, resulting in a new book which will be distributed for free to people living in South Shields. The book presents 20 recipes from the area with images taken by Fryer in people’s kitchens.

If you are a resident of South Shields, you can submit your own recipes on the new, soon to be launched, COOKING with SOUTH SHIELDS website.

About South Shields

This project is inspired by Mario Pfeifer’s exhibition ‘Approximation in the digital age to a humanity condemned to disappear’, taking anthropological practice as its subject.

South Shields is a port-town, as is Puerto Williams, Chile (the subject of the exhibition ‘Approximation…’). Following the River Tyne from Gateshead Quayside (which is the site of the exhibition ‘Approximation…’ within John Joyce Factory) down to the river mouth: South Shields is located on the North East coast of England, where the River Tyne meets the North Sea.

South Shields is often celebrated as exemplary of successful migrant integration, it is home to the first settled Muslim Community – a British Yemeni Community since the 1890’s: who worked mainly as seamen to British merchant vessels. The Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields (built 160AD) housed divisions including Tigris bargemen (from Persia and modern day Iraq), infantry from Iberia and Gaul, and Syrian archers and spearmen.

COOKING with SOUTH SHIELDS relates to the complicated realities surrounding the historic and contemporary migration of cultures: the ability of objects, including recipes, to reveal these complex stories.

92pp perfect bound, digitally printed book. 215mm x115mm.