Ben Jeans Houghton

Black Cloud


36pp perfect bound book
Edition of 100


‘A numinous black cloud, a terrible billowing column rises soundlessly into the sky. Its blackness penetrates the malaise, disturbs the order of this quiet, orderly Thursday afternoon and draws us mutely from our work, like a wordless call to prayer.’

Excerpt from ‘Black Cloud’ text by Iris Priest

Black Cloud presents Ben Jeans Houghton’s photographs of the Byker Scrapyard fire in May 2011, drawing parallels between this event and the Great Fire of Newcastle in 1854. Featuring a new text by regionally-based writer Iris Priest, Black Cloud explores Jeans Houghton’s beautiful photographs as documents of ‘a collective public spectacle and a pseudo-magical, highly subjective encounter’. This publication is part of an edition of 100, which comes signed and numbered by the artist complete with a limited edition printed artwork.

36pp full colour perfect bound book, 210mm x 150mm.