CIRCA Projects

Space Release / Presents...

Principally based within the Stephenson Works building in Newcastle upon Tyne, Space Release will utilise this site (a grade II listed building, positioned within a regeneration site) as a departure point to explore space as a formative moment in art. The programme will jointly explore the notion that art occupies, creates and defines space and is simultaneously defined by it.

Exploring the possibilities and parameters of the exhibition space, through an 15-month thematic project, 'Space Release' will look at the relationships between site, moving image and time based artworks. This project will include 3 new solo exhibitions (by Emma Hart, Ruben Grilo and Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan) and calendar of parallel events and screenings.

Space Release will look at the role of site within production and display. It will pursue the attributes of site which contrast to the gallery and create discourse around the value and function of this alternative within exhibition-making. In curating 'Space Release', CIRCA Projects will adopt the format of a multi-event exhibition, over one site that will draw attention to current artistic positions, consulting closely with the artists included in the programme.

All events will be numbered and will take the form of a coherent thought trail - moving from one position in art to the next, abridged by interconnected ideas.