Projects – Screening

Sarah Turner
Studio is Sudden: Screening of Public House + Star & Shadow Cinema tour
Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects
Studio is Sudden

As part of: Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects (2016–18)

Event,  Screening,  Talk,  Performance

Luke Fowler, Mark Fell
To The Editor Of Amateur Photographer
Film Poems: Artists’ Films from Iran and UK
Today I'm With You
The 2015 Jarman Award Programme and Q&A with Bedwyr Williams
Ursula Mayer, Alia Syed
Screening and Q&A

As part of: The Jarman Award (2011–15)

Exhibition,  Screening,  Talk

Selected 5
The 2014 Film London Jarman Award Touring Programme
John Smith, Steven Claydon
The 2013 Jarman Awards Screening & Charlotte Prodger Q&A
Diamond Dust – A shifting grammar of originality
Laura Harrington, Lee Patterson, Luke Fowler
Layerspace (expanded)
The 2012 Jarman Award
CIRCA Screen

As part of: CIRCA Screen (2011–12)

Exhibition,  Screening,  Talk

The 2011 Jarman Award
Ed Atkins, Steven Ball
In Conversation
The Jarman Award
Recalling The Shots

Event,  Screening